Winner Berlin Operaprize 2016

Winner Prins Bernhard cultuurfonds inspiration prize 2015

Nominated for Rolex and mentor protegee 2011

Winner Dioraphte best of Amsterdam Fringe award 2010

Winner of two Dutch Game Awards for mixed reality show Weltatem


Eine Aufführung mit sehr viel Tiefgang, die frei ist von Kitsch und Sentimentalität und gerade deshalb unter die Haut geht.  – Schreib so laut du kannst über Wesendonck Lieder heute

5 stars!
international Fringe review
About Life is too Good to be true

“Opera of the 21st century”
Volkskrant About weltatem

“This show is a gem”
Nrc newspaper hr a burned out opera

“Movingly performed by Gable Roelofsen”
Het parool About his role in “sorry”

“A proper acting singer”
Nrc newspaper about Sweeney Todd

“Gable Roelofsen is the biggest surprise of the night”
-International Sondheim Review-

“Gable Roelofsen convinces in the role of Sjarikmans”
Theaterkrant About hondenhartje at dutch National opera.

Charlemagne prize of European parliament
-for common carnaval-

-Gable Roelofsen is perfect as Mowgli!-
Trouw newspaper Junglebook